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Home Staging

Before you put your house on the market, preparation and presentation is crucial to making a first good impression to potential buyers. In order to make your property stand out in today’s real estate market, one of the best proven methods to attract more buyers is a process known as staging. Staging involves applying design and bringing out the home’s best features so potential buyers can envision the property as their home. The objective is to make buyers emotionally connect to the space so they can visualize themselves moving in and living in the home. Properly staging your home can also help you sell your home faster and most certainly enhance your home’s value.



Home staging is effective because it emphasizes a property’s strengths and minimizes its weak points. It allows your home to be shown at its maximum potential. Presenting a well-cared and thoughtfully designed home will attract more attention to potential buyers and encourage them to consider how your property fits their needs and likings. 


Below are the three steps of pre-staging prep to help you get started: 





Once decluttering and deep cleaning is complete, the real work of staging begins with the following: 












How you present your home truly makes a difference to buyers, starting from staging and then presenting it virtually through professional photography. An empty home can seem sterile and empty spaces often lack imagination. My team of professional stagers will work with you to determine the level of staging that is needed to best show off your home within your budget. We will plan and design how to stage your home, bring in furniture, decor and accessories needed to elevate the overall appearance of your home in order to target more potential buyers and get your house sold in the shortest amount of time. Although not all sellers can afford the cost of staging, we will work our best to accommodate your needs and find a suitable solution together to get your home on the market for the best value possible.



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