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Beth S.

Melissa and I have been working together for a few years now, as I handle her Title Insurance on her real estate transactions. Every deal we do together is a breath of fresh air, as she is very easy to work with because she is always one step ahead when it comes to making sure everything is good to go during the escrow process. I get the pleasure to work with her buyers/sellers often, and I have never heard so many people speak so highly of their realtor; each one of them say how easy Melissa makes, a sometimes stressful experience, a walk in the park.. and not only that but they all said she is so much fun to work with as she is truly passionate about real estate and is genuinely invested in each clients wants and needs, which is VERY rare when it comes to real estate agents.

Next time you are ready to buy or sell, give Melissa a call and see for yourself.. within minuets of speaking to her, you will see what I am talking about! 

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